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Well, Arrow and I decided to make a 4 shared folder arranging all Graphic Novel downloads - ALL ENGLISH! NO Spanish. I'm FED UP of dwnlding Spanish scans, so we're finding all possible English scans and putting them in OUR folders.

This is a collaboration of efforts from Me and Red - and the occasional drop bys from Arr0wHeaD Razz

We are open to suggestions! All members are encourages to request for names, if they wish to do so. Red is also taking Rare Manga suggestions. As for me, I'm doing only...

by Aceviper - Comments: 5 - Views: 1579
Stupid Program

For all those who know C++. A hialrious program for you. I had to write a program to be able to find the Fibbonaci Series and find a factorial of a number. It was for my midterms, which I didn't study, and here it is-->
Aaah. I put most of my stuff on AmalgaNation first and then on Facebook, so this might be a second read for some of you.


void main()

by Aceviper - Comments: 6 - Views: 1594
No new posts   

King Rant

I decided to write this whole thing in Notepad on Friday when I came home from college. It's all in present tense. Actually, come Sunday, I didn't feel like posting it here, but anyways...tell me how bad it is.

Aaaaaand, START-->
Today, was unique. Though for me, every day is unique - every day has it's own share of experiences which make it unique. And that's one reason I don't dislike my lifestyle or college.

I planned to get up at 6...

by Aceviper - Comments: 6 - Views: 965
I haven't read that book. (Or is it a movie?)

Okay. So listen to my sad story. Of how I lost 6 GB of awesome music.

I have two internal Hard drives. One of 40 GB (C & D Drives) and a 160 GB (E & F Drives). The 160 GB was partitioned in half - 80 for me and 80 for Dad. Then I needed more space, so Dad bought a 160GB External HDD.

Recently Dad bought himself a Laptop with 320 GB internal HDD. So I go up to him and ask him that since he has got his own lap with 320 GB, why doesn't he transfer his 75 GB of Hindi Songs from my desktop's 80 GB to his own lap....

by Aceviper - Comments: 3 - Views: 893
You guys are labeling the forum as dead? How could you?! I said the following in the chatbox, but it sounds nice to my ears, so I decided to make a blog post on it. Here goes:

Cant really blame the forum, people. It aint MY fault everyone isn't posting. Its not MY fault everyone is running it that nonsensical Social Networking "FORUM" trying to post there. That place is filled with dolts, I tell you. Idiots who "wanna be Franz." Read my First and Second Blog Post in my Hideout for more info regarding THAT. And YOU shouldn't be calling this place dead. YOU should...

by Aceviper - Comments: 7 - Views: 1037
Grass is greener on the other side. Flower that!

Life is getting re~ally hectic. My mid terms are end of month time - 21st October to 26th October. My computer teacher has rushed so damn fast in the portion, you'd be ready to believe that she would complete 4 years of teaching in one year. We finished doing C++ in barely two months, give her one more month and for all you know, she might even finish Java! (Java is second semester syllabus - not first semester.)

I happen to be the one of the only two who understands what happens in Physics Practicals - since I read the procedure...

by Aceviper - Comments: 1 - Views: 875
My blog post I was about to make, but got banned. Here you go. This is now my official blog. feast your eyes here people.

Warning! Everybody stop your work and feed your eyes on this. You can't say bad words here. I got a warning NOT to use defecation as a word of communication. I'm not making a big fuss of it. I know its a bad word - like, for a six year old.

I still remember we used to decide in school that "Psycho" was less a bad word than "Maniac". So at that time if anyone used the word Maniac, the other guy used to subside and walk...

by Aceviper - Comments: 9 - Views: 938
READ THE EDIT! I got one warning for this! And another warning for writing "WTF', which IMPLIES an abusive word........WTF?!

And so I come around to the next topic in line. Oh wait, firstly I decided to tag my blogs with the tag "aceviper". Why you ask? So that you guys know its mine. After all, it IS just me talking here - so tagging is a matter of perspective. ^__^ Can't get me there, can you, mods?

So. I go offline to play some Soul Reaver 2 on my computer. I got some good screen-shots, so my next GIF will hopefully be as funny as the previous one I made....

by Aceviper - Comments: 0 - Views: 841
I just HAD to put this over at the new animax forum.

Dammit. THIS is the reason I dislike social networking sites. When people jump onto your wall and start saying "Can we be Franz?" or "Can we be Fren?"....or a multitude of variations similar to these two.

I decided to scan through the full memberlist to look who all have joined and if anyone I knew has skipped my notice - I might as well give him/her a friend invitation. NOW THAT'S WHY YOU SEND FRIEND REQUESTS! Because you talked to the person, you liked talking to them, and you INTEND to talk to them...

by Aceviper - Comments: 0 - Views: 710
I never really wanted a blog since otherwise I would have to post something there and then AGAIN post it in the forums.
Painful life. Forumotion made this thing damn recently. I wanted to try it out. Now I can do both together. View the forum AND have a blog ^__^ Me Happy. Click on the topic name to open it. And then you can comment.

Anyways, this is just a test topic.

Seems you have to make topics for you Blog Posts. And then Members' comments become the normal replies.

Blog post = Topic Formation
Comment = Reply

I made it so,...

by Aceviper - Comments: 1 - Views: 692

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