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The Inheritance of Loss.

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I haven't read that book. (Or is it a movie?)

Okay. So listen to my sad story. Of how I lost 6 GB of awesome music.

I have two internal Hard drives. One of 40 GB (C & D Drives) and a 160 GB (E & F Drives). The 160 GB was partitioned in half - 80 for me and 80 for Dad. Then I needed more space, so Dad bought a 160GB External HDD.

Recently Dad bought himself a Laptop with 320 GB internal HDD. So I go up to him and ask him that since he has got his own lap with 320 GB, why doesn't he transfer his 75 GB of Hindi Songs from my desktop's 80 GB to his own lap. He agrees. SO! Taking my external 160, I transfer all his songs from "E" Drive (his drive) and to my 160 External and then transfer them to his laptop and Yay! Project "Transfer Dad's songs to his Laptop" Mission complete!

What's more? I got an External 320GB HDD. The 160 wasn't sufficient space. The day I got my 320 HDD, I told myself that this will take a while to finish off storing a full 320 GB on this. Oh, how wrong I was! The very next day, my mom's friend's son comes over to give me "A FEW" movies. He loaded me with 156 GB of Movies and TV Shows and 20 GB more of songs. I don't know if I should be hating him or liking him. >_<'

So now my 320 GB was full. Of course, if you're wondering what happened to the 160 External, that went to dad. After all, not EVERYTHING can be mine.

So I decide that since my external was having space problems, I scanned through all the NEW stuff I got. I was able to remove quite a bit on unwanted Music Videos and what not. Got 10 GB free. Scanning through the movies, I was able to remove all the ones I've already watched or the horrible quality ones. So eventually I got rid of a total of nearly 20 GB.

My next move, I decided to transfer all my ENGLISH songs to my desktop. Okay, the story starts now. I wanted to do that only cuz of iTunes. Since that way the songs are stationary in one place, and I don't really have to keep attaching my 320 External every time I need to sync my iPod.

So since my "E" drive is now MINE AND empty (!), I decide to transfer my songs there. What do I do? I CUT my songs and PASTED them in E Drive. BANG!

Something is the hardware might've snapped or something - I DON'T KNOW - but my connection with E and F drive snapped. A pop up or message or whatever it's called comes saying that "M$1 something file could not be read, data on E and F are lost." ----WHAT!?

What's worse! I had transferred nearly 6 GB OF MUSIC ALREADY! All Artists from A to E had been transferred.

So basically, I just transferred 6 GB of music into the garbage can. Anyways, looking at the bright side, at least I didn't lose ALL of my songs. So this 6 GB I lost, I did have it all on my iPod. So I was happy cuz I could open my iPod through the USB connection, manually go through the archives in it and copy paste the songs I wanted. But I had not seen properly far ahead.

I plugged in my iPod. But my comp didn't register a USB. I did some this-and-that. I plug it in again. YAY! But not for long. A pop up comes saying that my iPod needs to be reformatted for compatibility with "this" (my) Windows. It wasn't even reading my iPod. I clicked NO obviously. My songs in the iPod still remain.

And now I plugged it back in. I just copied all 25 GB of my songs to safety. I'm the most relieved person right now. Peeing myself to oblivion doesn't give me this much joy!

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The Inheritance of Loss. AcePage
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Post on Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:58 am by Aceviper

Oh, so basically, my E and F drives are "crashed". Luckily, everything else except for a few games and these 6 GB of songs is safe on my external 320 GB HDD. Games is okay cuz they are all games whose CD are with me. I can reinstall them. Not my songs. T____T


Post on Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:46 pm by Ampitup

6 GB @.@ My collection never hit 4 X_X I feel sad.
Crashed?? LMAO..Dude you're THE MAN. Mine's 80GB, formatted it like over 200+ times in the last 5 years and its yet to crash.
My condolences to the crashed HD. RIP T________T


Post on Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:46 pm by MayFlower

Aceviper wrote:I haven't read that book. (Or is it a movie?)

It's a Booker winning novel by Kiran Desai Ace. -_-

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