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And the worst of all is...

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READ THE EDIT! I got one warning for this! And another warning for writing "WTF', which IMPLIES an abusive word........WTF?!

And so I come around to the next topic in line. Oh wait, firstly I decided to tag my blogs with the tag "aceviper". Why you ask? So that you guys know its mine. After all, it IS just me talking here - so tagging is a matter of perspective. ^__^ Can't get me there, can you, mods?

So. I go offline to play some Soul Reaver 2 on my computer. I got some good screen-shots, so my next GIF will hopefully be as funny as the previous one I made. Anyways, so I go offline to play and come online after about 3 or 4 hours. What do I get? Nothing actually. Mainly cause everybody is busy commenting on each others' walls.

Wait a minute here. What was that? Commenting on EACH OTHERS' walls? Hell! That can very well be done on Facebook or some other Networking Site. We haven't gathered here to sit and hatch eggs on each others' WALLS. Our fellow members have got ZERO posts in the forum, but they are having bloody in-depth conversations about GOD KNOWS WHAT on their walls. I mean, what's the point in making this place a forum then, huh? We should have just created this place without the Forum and labeled it Anime-book or Ani-kut or something. That might have been more appropriate.

So I glance at this guys comment asking me a question on how to put up music on the forum. Put what on the forum? MUSIC? What the hell do you need to do that for? Switch on Windows Media Player or iTunes or whatever music player you have and listen to it on your computer mister! Why the hell should WE sacrifice precious net connections for your leisure? You wanna talk about music, you're welcome, I'll give you a good boost for that. Why put music ON the forum JUST to listen to it? You retarded or something?

So I decide to glance in the Entertainment section - What do I get? Guess? Some retard putting his anime list up as a separate thread. What's more, he goes ahead and makes his intro thread there too.Things don't end there. Then I have a look at this lamely named thread which SCREAMED "SPAM THREAD" five kilometers out - where the member has to mark his 'attendance'. yes, attendance, by saying "Present" in every post, per day. Okay, which part of that does NOT look spam, huh? Then I get a wall message saying just cause you don't like it, doesn't mean its spam. Oh well. The world hopefully has sane people in it. *Prays*

*At least all my viewers are sane.*

*Editted cuz mods think the S word for Defecation is a bad word. (shuns bad words!)*

Similarly, you don't make intro threads in the Entertainment section. You don't make Anime lists threads in the Entertainment section EITHER! Okay. Now that that's cleared, I walk to the Anime Section. HE MADE THE SAME THREAD HERE TOO! DUDE! At least delete the earlier thread! Don't garbage the forum!

Just cause you're a newbie, doesn't mean you don't utilize the brains god gave you.

So I walk into the blog section to check on my previous blog post's comments. Oh dear god. The great entity has struck again. WHY O WHY is there a blog post consisting ONLY of two anime chicks in miniskirts? I mean, I really appreciate you putting up the picture - totally - hot anime chicks might not really fill the eye, but miniskirts are nonetheless quite attractive to look at. BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE! ITS A BLOG POST! B - L - O - G !

I think I'm saying so many "For God's Sake" in my posts, that God must be thinking of coming to tell me he wants to steer clear of this matter.


Anyways, so then i started writing this post of mine. At the same time I split open a tab to glance at my Facebook account. It might be worth while to mention two thing: One, that I've been a member of facebook for nearly 4 months. Second, that I recently (just today afternoon) put up my old school pics of one of our educational trips. Educational? - we just had fun. I mean, I've not just had encounters with low-waist JEANS, but even low waist UNDERWEAR. Beat that! no wait, you probably don't want to beat that. Having the chance to observe a low waist underwear would depress you for god knows how long, and it would take quite some months to get rid of the images.

Where was I? Ah yes. So I put up them pictures. I'm right now in Senior College. 18 years old. These School pics were when I was in 10th Standard. 3 Years ago. I had decided to take nearly every single student's picture for future reference or whatever. (I solemnly swear it was NOT for the girls. Though incidentally there WERE more pictures of
I have about 31 friends on Facebook. Like here on this forum, I'm very strict with whom I give access to my profile and accept friendship. Except in few one or two cases. I had some 68 friends when i joined, deleted the rest of them and pruned it to 31. So I put up my pictures in the afternoon, and Tag everyone in them. I had 31 friends and some 12 invitation earlier which I had decided never to accept. If I don't accept, and don't ignore, the person can't bug me again and again to add him/her as a friend.

I just went now, and what do I notice? The 12 Invitations were nowhere to be seen. What do I see in its place? 21 Invitations. Wow. All of a sudden everyone remembered me? Wait, how did they get to know about the pictures? >_< Shameless people. What can I say? i feel insulted more than good, that they choose to send me friend requests now. Of course, I'll not be accepting any of them. I've decided not to exceed the 31 Friend's mark for some time. Unless I can find some Mangakas on Facebook. ^__^

That's it for now. Hm.
(Reads through his own post once).
The points to be mentioned in this blog post are quite haphazardly placed. I'll try to put them in proper paragraphs next time.

So long for now, people.

And the worst of all is... AcePage
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