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Grass is greener on the other side. Flower that!

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Grass is greener on the other side. Flower that!

Life is getting re~ally hectic. My mid terms are end of month time - 21st October to 26th October. My computer teacher has rushed so damn fast in the portion, you'd be ready to believe that she would complete 4 years of teaching in one year. We finished doing C++ in barely two months, give her one more month and for all you know, she might even finish Java! (Java is second semester syllabus - not first semester.)

I happen to be the one of the only two who understands what happens in Physics Practicals - since I read the procedure in the given write ups - and end up explaining to everyone what exactly our Physics Lab Assistant just said. Firstly, our physics sir is rarely with us during Practicals - most likely gone home - and secondly the Lab Assistant is so damn fat and lazy that he doesn't even get the hell off his chair to come and explain the experiment. Once, one of my classmates saw him walk. He shook me and pointed to the Lab Assistant and exclaimed, "Look! The Evolution Of Man!".

My chemistry teacher hits the limit. She tries to talk all "Hi-Fi" English (which usually sounds ridiculously funny!), wags her head over a Numerical for 20 minutes, says lame jokes in successively, expects us to laugh, and then realises she made a mistake in reading the question. Worse yet one of our classes went like this:

Teacher - Okay, children, write down this Problem.
Us - *Sleep* (No, honestly, I'm not lying.)
Teacher - *Dictates*
Us - *Still Sleeping*
Teacher - Okay so we do this and this and....etc...etc...*she explained the numerical as I dozed off calculating whether my attendance might have fallen below 75%*

I decide to pay a little attention.

Teacher - So the final result is: [I'm showing it pictorially] -->
Grass is greener on the other side. Flower that! Untitled-1

Teacher - Now, children, there are two ways of solving this dilemma. (SEE! TOLD YOU! It sounds so damn funny saying 'dilemma' here!)

NOTE FROM ME: MAKE SURE YOU READ THE QUESTION PROPERLY. (Yeah the one with those three numbers up there ^)

Teacher - Don't confuse yourself in the two ways to solve it. Don't mix up the two ways! Okay? First method is to cancel 10 and 10 and write answer as 50 (as follows) -->

Grass is greener on the other side. Flower that! Untitled1-2

Second Method is to cancel this 0 and the 10 and write answer as 50 (as follows) -->

Grass is greener on the other side. Flower that! Untitled2-2
I honestly couldn't believe she said that. Everyone around me was looking at the board with jaws open wide. We didn't know if we should laugh or smash our heads against the walls.

Moving on to the crux of this blog post...

I do have some extremely funny (and unique) characters in my class. One of the few good things. Unfortunately, no girls. Not one. Its always like this. In Junior College for two years, in senior college starting this year. And not just for me, for every friend and acquaintance and enemy of mine i have talked directly to or heard indirectly from. I shall elaborate the situation for you all.

Lets go two and a half years back in time.

I entered Junior College (First Year). Out of my school life at last! As I walk into my Junior College, I notice some good-looking girls about the gates, and in the canteen and everywhere EXCEPT my class. And for that matter, ALL the good looking girls were nearly two years elder to me - I'm assuming, but it's more or less right.

Let's move onto Junior College - Second year. As I walked into Junior College Second Year, happy and comfortable with the fact that there is no good looking female in my college or in the same year as me, what do I see? The First Year Students filing into college. No, that's not important. The girls were so much better looking! What's important is that life ditched me again!

Look, it isn't important to have a girlfriend in "THAT" sense, but a guy who is hit with puberty (ME! Dammit!) can't really resist good looks. (Of course, I've changed now, a little. Now I admire beauty rather than be jealous of not having it beside me - its a positive approach in life - otherwise known as "trying hard not to stay the loser".)

Get back to the present time.

Now, I pass into Senior College. And all the good looking gals are in the upper stratospheres of academic life. Once again, I am dumped by Life! Of course, now it doesn't hit me as hard as in Junior College since I know how to prioritize my life a little bit better. Studies ARE more important after all.

And the odd thing is that even Arrow has the same problems. Though he may be reluctant to say it here. (He ain't gonna be coming HERE anyway, so I don't think he'll read me saying this. xD) Not just him, its like i mentioned. When ever I mention this to my friends in other colleges, they jump on their chairs and scream back at me saying "Ditto!".


Honestly, how much ever a guy grows in life, age, mind or whatever (!) its really a hard thing to dismiss the fact that THIS damn grass is always greener on the other side.

Flower life!

[Don't blame you if you didn't understand what I said. I was finding it tough to get what I wanted to say through into words to write.]

Grass is greener on the other side. Flower that! AcePage
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Post on Fri Oct 02, 2009 12:59 am by Aceviper

The chem stupidity thing really happened. I'm not joking. -_-

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