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Sky blue (Korean animated film)

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1 Sky blue (Korean animated film) on Sun Nov 22, 2009 9:39 pm


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Title: Sky blue
Director: MOON Saeng KIM
Genres: action, adventure, drama, science fiction
Premiered on: 2005-04-23
Runtime: 87 minutes

Plot: A.D. 2142 - Overpopulation and excessive pollution have made majority of Earth uninhabitable. The only safe haven for mankind is a city called "ECOBAN," which actually uses pollution through the DELOS System as a means of energy. While searching the city for an infiltrator from the wastelands, ECOBAN officer Jay discovers that the intruder is her old friend Shua. A former ECOBAN citizen, Shua has sided with a militia from Marr to bring down ECOBAN's tyrannical reign and restore the Earth's environment.l

Another sci fi CG based film about apocalypse and impending doom where the lower class must rebel and overthrow the oppressors to save humanity. Add a little love story and voilla,we get appleseed Vexille Sky blue. Them Koreans spent a fortune behind this baby ¥2,900,000,000 ($30,000,000). The CG landscapes aren't too bad (sometimes downright gorgeous),but character animation and movements remain stiff and unrealistic. The music isn't much to talk about either. Ultimately it's just an above average film. My rating: 6/10.

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