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FlashGet Issues

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1FlashGet Issues Empty FlashGet Issues on Sat Apr 07, 2012 7:41 pm


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After having used FlashGet for most of my download life I don't feel any clever by the day. Although it was an interesting experience filled with trial and errors and self-experimentation I realized that I don't tinker around with the options or try out the menu much even if the program almost always runs in the background (downloading anime of course).
So, I thought of listing them down for the sake of people who are either new to the d/l manager or want to use it (in a better way).
My main issue with the program was its database. It usually logs the downloaded files making it handy to keep a tab on part downloads. But, when the power gets killed, my database vanishes at times as if I installed the program after the next boot-up. This isn't a regular issue but nonetheless troublesome because I end up losing an already downloaded file. Although the file itself stays in the download folder I never could manage to get it back to the list to re-start the download until I found out how to do it yesterday.
I'll start with the resuming already broken downloads.

Some might not know how or didn't bother with it due to their speeds but people with low speeds often end up with a file that just doesn't download any further. It happened to me a lot in the beginning. As I didn't know how I used to delete the entire download and get a new one. The best way to resume the download is to pause it and then enter the options menu for the file. The first slot is for url, you just need to replace this with a new one and the download will resume from where it left. If you have a dynamic IP like mine and had a modem restart then you know the IP changes. Sites like MediaFire seem to associate the DDL link with the IP so the next time you hit that download button, it just won't start. To get over this, go to the cookies option in your browser and delete the MediaFire cookies. Open the page again, grab the link, replace and your download will resume most of the time.

Second issue is with the vanishing database. As I've mentioned before, I don't tinker around much so while this option was staring at me in the face most of the time, I failed to realize it. Go to the "File" menu then Import followed by Import broken downloads. Search for the incomplete file and import it to the Download folder. Note that it must be placed in the download folder in order to resume it. Alternately, you can drag drop the file into the Download folder and hit okay when it says move the file. All that's left is to enter the properties and replace the url again with a new one and your download will resume. No more broken downloads, no more deleting files because your list vanished.
Now I know there are other managers that work well but I'm used to FlashGet.

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