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Kuchu Buranko

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1Kuchu Buranko Empty Kuchu Buranko on Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:45 am


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Alternative title:
Die seltsamen Methoden des Dr. Irabu (German)
Flying Trapeze
Welcome to Irabu's office Smile
空中ブランコ (Japanese)
變態怪醫Dr.伊良部 (Chinese (Taiwan)

Genres: comedy, psychological

Plot Summary:
Eleven people, each of them suffering from apparently groundless physical symptoms, land at psychiatrist Dr. Ichirō Irabu's consulting room, in the hope of finding there a sympathetic doctor, who listens to their troubles, gives them some pills, and with this, solves their problems once and for all. Instead, they find that Irabu is an eccentric person, with childish features and with little or no sympathy. He employs drastic and unheard-of treatments, and instead of counseling, he prefers to look at his patients' background personally. Despite his strange behavior and methods, he can always help his patients find the real causes behind their symptoms, while being amused at the awkward situations, which the patients get into by following his advice.
Irabu Ichiro is a psychiatrist who lives in a colorful alternate version of Tokyo. Patients would visit him to have a counseling on their problems. However each of the patients feel perplex about Ichiro's behavior. Ichiro wears a bear head mask & is able to change change his appearance from an adult to a kid. Despite Ichiro's zealous attitude, he does succeed in helping out each of the patients who come to his office.

Courtesy: ANN

I don't know where to start with this one. You have an eccentric doctor, and according to reviews an err...well endowed nurse wearing skimpy clothes. For one it has 2D and 3D woven together. You'll be able to see real faces at times especially the nurse. Other than that the cases themselves are very hilarious to begin with even though they are most common when it comes to psychological conditions. And once you go through the series, you'll see certain similarities (not with other series but with previous episodes).

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