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1Tactics Empty Tactics on Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:16 am


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Alternative title:
タクティクス (Japanese)
Genres: action, comedy, drama, mystery, supernatural
Themes: bishounen
Objectionable content: Significant (bloody violence and/or swearing and/or nudity)
Plot Summary: Kantarou has had the 6th sense to see demons for as long as he can remember, and has become friends with them, but also has the job of "yokai busting". With his tengu and his kitsune, they solve mysteries, and help the yokai situation in Japan.

Courtesy: ANN

LoooooL!! It's a bishie?!?! Saw it just now while copy-pasting from ANN. Well I'm watching this series on and off. It's been around 4 to 5 days prolly. I keep giving the next episode a miss basically because it's almost similar in every episode. Start off with a small joke or intro, and suddenly you get an assignment or someone shows up for help. Character checks the location, slowly past is revealed and voila..exorcism with random chanting and most of the time it's some evil spirit taking possession of a good soul. And that's about it till episode 10 (stopped here for now). Will update later on when I feel like watching it again.

EDIT 1: It finally picked up pace in the latter episodes and got a bit monotonous with all the awakening thingy later on. Shocking finale though >_> (a lot less shocking compared to the School Days finale).

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