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God of War (I-II)

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1God of War (I-II) Empty God of War (I-II) on Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:12 am


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Calling it one of the most successful games on the PlayStation2 is a understatement. God of War has it all, a spartan like soldier who is hell bent on revenge against the gods of Olympus for not keeping their end of the bargain. You get to meet Greek gods and beat the living daylights out of them and not to mention the cool weapons available at your disposal. You can choose to kill the enemies using combos or close up on a gory finish along with magical powers given to you by gods to aid you in your quest.

God of War or simply GoW puts you in the shoes of Kratos, a warrior covered in white all over with twin blades chained to his wrists. It all starts with Kratos asking the God of war for help by paying his soul as the price (cliche =P). Kratos a general encounters a clan of barbarians but their brute strength proves too much for him and so he commits the err...summoning of a god. Anyway fast forward and you see Kratos being used by aries to get rid of his problems and at this point good ol' Aries thinks, "Mortal connections make a warrior weak." So he tricks Kratos into killing his own wife and child. As a result the local witch(?) curses him saying he'll carry the ashes of his family with him always and that gives him a distinct whitish color. And the rest as they is history. He asks the gods to get rid of his nightmares while they ask him to kill Aries which he does after a tumultuous journey. Sadly, around the end it is said that his crimes cannot be forgiven so his nightmares never end. Epic-ly mad at the inability of the gods he decides to take revenge by killing Zeus in GoWII.

Ok I'll stop it here, I don't want to give an entire story length description. The game has one of the most interesting and immersive gameplay I have ever come across. You get to meet people from the Greek myth. Heck! You save Prometheus from his eternal torment by killing him =D. You steal Typhoon's bane. Call out for Chronos and steal the Box of Pandora. You kill Medusa too. The graphics are neatly done and the puzzles are somewhat long yet neatly placed. One of the defects(I call it that) of this game is the semi-nude female bosses and sub-bosses X_X. Can't wait to play GoW III when I get a PS3 (whenever that is).

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