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La Toilette- The Land of the Magical Dumpling

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1 La Toilette- The Land of the Magical Dumpling on Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:42 am


Well, been quite jobless lately, so I thought, 'Hey! Why don't I start a new RPG.?'. . ^_____^

Now now, the story resides in a far away land called 'La Toilette'. This name perhaps may remind you of a place quite close to your hearts, but it happens to be a very quite, beautiful, CLEAN little city right in the middle of the country of Nowhere. La Toilette has no citizens of its own, no language of its own, nothing special or extraordinary about it, yet the people of Nowhere somehow seem to find a queer sort of peace, a wonderful feel of ecstasy whenever they set foot into it.

Why? No one knows for sure.

But rumors are that there is a source- something which suddenly fell from the sky once, which they call, 'The Dumpling'. No one has ever seen it nor does anyone know what it looks like. What they do know, is that it's magical.

As usual, when someone has something special, those with nothing special try to grab it off from the someone who has something special. This is where 'They' come in. Unable to bear the unusual peace of 'La Toilette', They make plans to find, and obviously, steal the Dumpling. And for that, They are silently recruiting an army of 'Disrupters', to disrupt the city.

Continue. . ^____^

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Heh. Go on. Looking forward to more of this clown

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