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Double Dragon Neon [PSN/XBLA(?)]

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1Double Dragon Neon [PSN/XBLA(?)] Empty Double Dragon Neon [PSN/XBLA(?)] on Tue Jul 09, 2013 11:26 am


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Note: I do not own a copy of the game. This review is solely based on gameplay walkthrough videos I've watched on YouTube.

Double Dragon Neon is the remake of a retro game going by the name of Double Dragon.

The name Neon is a dead giveaway to the amount of sleaze the game incorporates. Cue: eerie moans of masochistic whip wielding women dressed in S&M attire.
It a shoddy homage to the series. But that's just me. The third game has the best gameplay and it even introduced two new characters. Neon just takes the first game and tries to show it in a different light. This means the character can't somersault over enemies.

The game in itself is very buggy and slow moving. I would have expected faster gameplay when you assume that its meant to be played on a PS3 architecture. It has its funny moments and the main antagonist is based on Skeletor. The best stage for me would be the pen-ultimate one where each punch can do 999 damage but still makes the boss fight harder than ever. I say pen-ultimate because the final fight is something you can YouTube or Wiki for the plot.

Fans of the series may like it but I still prefer the DD III nes game. You get to control a ninja after finishing the stage. It doesn't get any cooler.

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