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Google Chrome Add-ons

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1Google Chrome Add-ons Empty Google Chrome Add-ons on Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:04 am


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If not for anything else, Larry Page and Sergey Brin will be remembered for one thing – gifting millions their childhood back.

Yesterday, my blonde screams of 'Oh My Love Flying Spaghetti Monster' echoed within the four walls of my hole of a room. I had installed the new Chrome after reading about Angry Birds freeware add-on. Earlier, the Google labs had considerably perked up my gmail account and I was already pleased as a punch.

The download finishes and I go to Chrome web store.

And I see Mario add-on.

*blonde scream #1*

Simple download and I start playing. Never did I notice that it wasn't Mario. It was Super Mario Bros. Crossover hacked.

What's it mean, you say? Simple - Google gives you your childhood back, and now it's 10 times as awesome. Know why?

Google Chrome Add-ons Mario_10[/url][/img]

*blonde scream # 2*

And this.
[img]Google Chrome Add-ons Contra10[/img]

*blonde scream #3*

Now anyone who has had a normal childhood will agree that Contra and Mario music was epic. Just try humming the Contra level 1 background-

(Too-tatanataniii, Too-tatanatanoo) *2
(Tattana-tictic, Tattana-tictictani) *2

Goosebumps, right?

Get this - you get Mario music AND you get Contra music without anyone conflicting the other, without compromising on quality. Plus, you never die and with every loss of life, you get a chance to choose another Nintendo character.

*blonde screams #4 #5 #6*


Chrome owns.
Google owns.

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