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School Days

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1School Days Empty School Days on Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:14 am


Ending was crazy. No other words for it. Absolutely Maniacal. Meh, I was expecting Katsura to do it, with all her lifeless eyes in the 8th and 9th episode (or was it 9th and 10th)....

It started off quite nicely, the anime gave Makoto a gentlemanly look. But meh, lust seemed to have busted his morals, or whatever you want to call it. Frank opinions, till the 6th episode: Sekai was stupid to have never done anything from the start. Heck, I know Makoto ultimately went for the Boobs whenever he saw Katsura, hell, who wouldn't? But when I think of it, I'd rather be with a bubbly person like Sekai instead of a piece of Watermelon who doesn't have a sense of humour.


By the time I watched the 7th episode, however, my opinions changed. Makoto was basically going just sex. Neutral Sht, when you look at the whole anime, he had sex with every girl EXCEPT Katsura- which is a bit ironic, IMO.

Lets see, the Video Camera thing was friggin creepy. Not to mention the trauma it must have caused Neutral Leaving that aside, Makoto was a plain incarnation of "creep". Or so I would say, except what he was doing was what a puberty-hit guy would want. :/ Nonetheless, it was still creepy.

Hmm, going to the absolute madness Katsura was going through, I thought she would do the ending which DieHard and Verilog nicely ruined for me (Is he using the same name on the forums as he does on the channel?). "Google Nice Boat", meh. Anyway, all I had read was that...he would...whatever. Nothing more than that, no details, so the ending was a bit shocking for me still.

Hell, I seem to have grown a fear for love triangles now @_@ However, Sekai performing the act was a bit unexpected. I had the idea Katsura would go mad and stalk him and slice his head off Neutral >_> Too unrealistic?

Well, Sekai killing him was okay, though a bit sad; and frankly, he deserved it; but worst was Katsura slicing his head off. @_@ Worse YET, was her calling Sekai and bloody slicing her open! T_T Psychoness in extreme! *shiver* And what tops the pyramid of fugging creepy-ness is Katsura on the "nice boat" moving towards the "nice sunset" - WITH HIS BLOODY HEAD IN HER ARMS!

Yeah, a bit shocking.

As for the OVA - Just watched it yesterday. My opinion - C R A P. Crap. Pure nonsense.

It had tonnes of loopholes. Okay, maybe we have to watch it remembering that it has no connection what-so-ever with the Main storyline of the anime. But lemme pick out the loop holes:


1) Otome never meets Sekai till the 10th Episode and there we have them all in the same Hot Bath and in the restaraunt at the same table.
2) By then (10th episode) I doubt Sekai really likes Otome cuz of the intercourse Otome had with Makoto - with all that video stuff being done.
3) If you need to place the OVA anywhere in between the 12 episodes, it's impossible, cuz if it comes in between the first 6, then Otome should never have been there besides Sekai, and if it comes in the lattter 6 Episodes, then Katsura would have never invited Sekai along, or Setsuna.

4) Valentines shit - Katsura is shown as a good cook. Neutral She made something which so turned me off. I wonder how anyone even FOUND that remotely funny.
5) Makoto's place had changed. He was not sitting besides Sekai.
6) Sawamura (that's his name, right?) has a crush on Makoto? Wtf. That is so not funny Neutral
7) Where did Sekai's mom come into the picture, too?

Cool Oh! Almost missed this: Kokoro never meets anyone till the 9th Episode. Neutral Then how is she in the same Hot bath Neutral

Meh, all in all, I didn't like the OVA, not that I like many OVAs. I'm fussy, yeah.

School Days AcePage

2School Days Empty Re: School Days on Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:51 pm


Active Member
Active Member you finally got round to finishing it eh? The "nice boat" phrase is very popular in Japan. And yeah,barring the last few episodes this is just like any other harem show out there. But I do believe the directors went overboard. There was no need to do all that.

Yes,the OVAs are crap. Don't watch them,unless you want more big bouncing boobies.

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