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FictionJunction YUUKA

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1FictionJunction YUUKA Empty FictionJunction YUUKA on Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:24 pm


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FictionJunction Yuuka (フィクションジャンクション・ユウカ Fikushon Jankushon Yūka?) is a Japanese pop duo, part of Japanese composer Yuki Kajiura’s solo project FictionJunction, consisting of Yuuka Nanri (vocals) and Kajiura (composition, lyrics and keyboards).

FictionJunction YUUKA Th_71537_FictionJunction_Yuuka_2_122_106lo

FictionJunction YUUKA FictionJunction+YUUKA

I became a fan of their music after the catchy .hack//roots opening theme Silly go round made its way into my phone's music player.And I must say most of their songs are quite amazing.
Apart from Silly go round try listening to-

Hitomi no Kakera
Inside your heart
Akatsuki no Kuruma
Koya Ruten

Download and listen-

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