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Rules and Regulations.

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1Rules and Regulations. Empty Rules and Regulations. on Tue May 19, 2009 2:37 pm


Topics related to Anime, Manga, Comics and Cartoons are handled in here.

Anime Music is taken care of in Music.

Double posts should be avoided at all costs. Inform the respective moderator and he will take care of the problem.

Opening similar threads can get the threads deleted.

Flaming is definite NO NO.
We will ban you if you do not heed the rules.The BanHammer has a far reach.

Another Addition.

For spoilers you should use the "SPOILER" feature. Which does this: (just click on the word "spoiler" underneath)

neat huh?

excellent for spoilers...
while posting all you have to do is go to that white button labelled "others" the BBcodes. After going there click on the button and you will get a list of options which include the following: Index, exponent, Spoiler...etc. Click on spoiler...then write whatever you want within them.

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