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Ace's Handiwork

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1Ace's Handiwork Empty Ace's Handiwork on Sun Sep 13, 2009 6:18 pm


Its crap work actually, cuz these pics I just did (long ago) are all Microsoft Paint Outputs. I just wanted to do some stupid nonsense and this is what happened. Here you go ---> I put it inside spoilers again --->

The first ones are all the originals. The next (coloured ones) obviously, are my copies.


Ace's Handiwork Th_bleach_ichimaru_gin_face_1_initial

Ace's Handiwork Th_bleach_ichimaru_gin_face_2_final

Ace's Handiwork Th_Espada2_1_initial

Ace's Handiwork Th_Espada2_2_final

Ace's Handiwork Th_Espada3_1_initial

Ace's Handiwork Th_Espada3_2_final

Ace's Handiwork Th_FMA_edward_face_1_initial

Ace's Handiwork Th_FMA_edward_face_2_final

Ace's Handiwork Th_FMA_SuperCombination_AlphonseElr-2

Ace's Handiwork Th_FMA_SuperCombination_AlphonseElr-1

Ace's Handiwork Th_FMA_SuperCombination_AlphonseElric_

Ace's Handiwork Th_Ichigo_final-form_1_initial

Ace's Handiwork Th_Ichigo_final-form_2_final

Ace's Handiwork Th_Ichigo_hollow_face_1_initial

Ace's Handiwork Th_Ichigo_hollow_face_2_final

Ace's Handiwork Th_FMA_edward_back_final

Ace's Handiwork Th_FMA_edward_back_initial

Ace's Handiwork AcePage

2Ace's Handiwork Empty Re: Ace's Handiwork on Sat May 08, 2010 10:49 pm


Active Member
Active Member
Acey! you're amazing at this!!

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