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The Last of Us [PS3]

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1 The Last of Us [PS3] on Tue Jul 09, 2013 10:56 am


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Note: I do not own a copy of the game. This review is solely based on gameplay walkthrough videos I've watched on YouTube.

The Last of Us is a more of a movie and less of a game if cut-scenes are to go by. The game features a lot of scavenging and make-your-own-weapon type gameplay that is common in some post apocalyptic games. Lucky for gamers, the game points out drawers and things that can be interacted with via the triangle icon that pops up when you pan the camera in a room. Having said that, the annoying factors I’ve witnessed are the amount of enemies and the clear absence of an on-screen map. Some of the game manuals that are supposed to help you with better item usage do not show up until the first half (IIRC). Another annoying factor is the amount of replays it takes when you’re new. Every time a clicker shows up out of nowhere and proceeds to bite you, the game is restarted from the last checkpoint. In short it’s a one hit kill situation throughout the game unless you have a Shiv (in-game knife that breaks after 1 use). Weapons wise you find a lot of them but sadly even though its a scavenging game you cannot take off things corpses. I find this a bit weird because when you are in a world where everything is a luxury and money doesn't have any power you'd take armor etc off a corpse after you kill the person to increase chances of survival. Homemade bombs rule the day here. Molotov cocktails that have a common ingredient with the medical kit, a sugar smoke bomb of sorts and an exploding betty bomb spewing needles that can be picked up if it doesn't blow. Another funny aspect is that you can light up a Molotov and still stash it into your backpack with no apparent effect.

There is a clear sense of emotional trauma for the main characters throughout the series with the protagonist suffering from his own demons and the girl trying to survive against all odds. And the game tries to portray it at almost every major fight/cuts-scene. So, if you are playing it right now or plan on doing so, don’t freak out when suddenly the game fades to dark and skips a timeline. That’s the movie aspect being thrown into effect. I can’t, with my limited knowledge of gaming plots remember the last time some game tried that on me during gameplay. This could be the first or this might just be the beginning.

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