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China Girl

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1 China Girl on Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:07 am


Complete Douchebag!
Complete Douchebag!


Where is your one in three billion?

Yes, I'm writing a review on a manga titled "CHINA Girl" That's right. You can stop snickering now!

A long time ago (a few weeks back) I read a summary in BakaUpdates on this romance/seinen manga which had the protagonist, successful at work and a hit with the ladies but never really that successful at finding the one... till he met this Chinese girl who works in a restaurant. He falls for her but can't get too close to her because;
1. She doesn't see him as anything more than a customer.
2. She doesn't know Japanese very well.
Poor guy, really.

I didn't know what it was called but Kyo helped me find it. So I got myself to read it and I finished it in like an hour or so. Pretty short, with 9 chapters.

Generally I hate romance titles (exceptions being; 5 cm per second and ... that's pretty much it) but I decided to give this one a go because, yes you all know it, I'm a sucker for Chinese women = /
Also, I've wanted to try something from the romance genre. Something that's not your average run of the mill Harry met Sally titles (probably a Hiro met Sakura or something when it comes to manga... ok, I apologize, that was a bad joke) So, I picked this one, sensing it had potential and also because it had a SEINEN tag to it at BakaUpdates.

I loved this story. It's small, it's cute, it's very down to earth and most importantly; NOT CHEESY! The characters are well detailed, the art is very pleasing and the lead character is such a moron that you can't help feeling sorry for him.
I loved the ending too, very cliffhanger-esque... sorta.
I like things like that = )

What really shocked me is that the artist of this manga had committed suicide.
The guy Tweeted a final message before he ended his life.
Kei Aoyama wrote:Well, there’s a lot left undone and many dreams left unfulfilled, but I don’t really have any regrets. I’m quite satisfied with the 32 years I lived.
Poor guy really didn't make it big in the scene but he sure had talent. It's a pity, a SHAME that it ended this way. His works will still be remembered and enjoyed years after the tragic death is forgotten. China Girl will be one, for sure.

R.I.P. Kei Aoyama

I recommend this manga to you.
A really good comedy-themed story about fighting for your love.
It's really small, with 9 chapters.
A must for fans of romance manga.
And thank you Kyo for telling me.


I'm not implying anything but merely pointing out the futility of your posts!

"How art thou fallen from Amalga, oh R3dW0Lf?"

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2 Re: China Girl on Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:30 pm


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Active Member
Sweet manga. Time to get some fried rice =P

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3 Re: China Girl on Tue Apr 24, 2012 5:38 pm


Forum Founder
Forum Founder
I read the first 2 chapters. I'm not really getting the impression that its any good, to be honest.

EDIT- Just finished it. The whole thing is 214 pages or so, I blazed through it. It got better.

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