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The Sandman

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1 The Sandman on Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:01 am


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well its one of vertigo dc's and Neil Gaimanns Masterpeices

SAndman Morpheus is the lord of dreams
and the story revolves around him!

But if you want to read a little bit first, to see if you're going to like it before you make a commitment to invest a considerable amount of money (and the ten trade paperbacks add up to a hefty sum) or download it Very Happy .

I would not suggest the first one first. For the first few issues SANDMAN thought of itself as primarily a horror magazine, and Gaiman himself has said he didn't really find his voice for the series until #8.

The shocking, terrible, truly horrific "24 Hours" made my skin crawl, and if I had read it first, or even in sequence in the first book, it's possible I would have abandoned the whole thing. It's true that gruesome horror would occasionally occur again in the series, and it's also true that that kind of horror has its place. I'll even admit that, on rereading the entire series, "24 Hours" is both a remarkable literary achievement and absolutely necessary to the overall storyline. It is still not the best place for a new reader to be introduced to the SANDMAN, except for fans of Stephen King and Clive Barker.

Some people have said that the short stories are the better than the longer stories, and as most of them are reasonably self-contained the short story collections make good places to sample SANDMAN and see if it's for you. That's probably true, but I would recommend starting with The Doll's House. Perhaps it's because that was my introduction to the series. The first trade paperback collected, it starts with the wonderful "The Sound of Her Wings," originally published as SANDMAN #8 (puzzlingly, this is also the last story in the first collection). In this story, Gaiman says he found his voice as he introduced Dream's older sister, Death, who quickly became so popular she was given two spin-offs of her own.


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