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12 Monkeys

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112 Monkeys Empty 12 Monkeys on Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:06 am


Complete Douchebag!
Complete Douchebag!

12 Monkeys 12monkeys
12 Monkeys

I remember when I was really very young, my brother had rented this movie. Back then it was all VHS tapes and VCR players.
The movie started and an 8 year old me struggled to get an idea of what exactly was going on and 30 minutes into the movie, I slept. Yet, what I'd seen had remained all these years, crystal clear and perfectly intact in my memory, even though it made absolutely no sense to me then.
Half an hour back, I finished watching the movie.
The story is so confusing that the first 15 minutes (in the very least) will have you struggling to find out what exactly is going on. Another 15 minutes later you realize that the madness and confusion wasn't you, it's the movie that's crazy. The insanity and chaos is on purpose. Yet, it rivets you to your seats and you find yourself impatient to know what would happen next.

James Cole is from the near future where mankind is forced to abandon the surface of the earth and live underground. This is because of a highly dangerous virus outbreak that killed 5 Billion people in 1997. He's in a jail of some sort and is promised a pardon for all he's done if he "co-operates" by collecting samples from the surface and later on, go to the past to know more about the virus, gather information and observe carefully.
Only thing is, instead of sending him to 1996, he's sent to 1990.
The movie follows what happens from there on.

12 Monkeys 12monkeyse
Jeffrey(Pitt) and James(Willis) in the nuthouse

This movie is sick. So sick that it's good. Good? Well, "good" is an understatement. It's is nothing short of a bloody MASTERPIECE!
This movie had Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis acting in probably the greatest roles of their careers.

Rating: 8.9/10
12 Monkeys will remain part of my all-time favorite movies ever!


I'm not implying anything but merely pointing out the futility of your posts!

12 Monkeys Nunchaku

"How art thou fallen from Amalga, oh R3dW0Lf?"

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