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1 Forum Guide on Sat Nov 21, 2009 11:48 pm


Lesson One

Let us observe the above picture.

First I shall discuss the Green ellipse. That is the famous Chatango chatbox. You don't need to be a part of the forum to be part of the chatbox. It is separate in itself and has no relation to the forum. Its only purpose is to act as an IM device for members over the forum, who, for their own respected reasons may not want to reveal their email ids. As for my example, I just use it cuz I hate Yahoo Messenger, do'nt use Hotmail ID, rarely am on gTalk and don't use any other IM device. So I just hatch eggs on this CB (acronym for chat box).

If the Cb is not opening for you, then you need to download a few plug ins to be able to view it. Well, I had all the plug ins, so I had no problem, but I assume you need Adobe Flash (duh!). It should inform you if you have any missing plug ins that it requires.

Now, lets move onto the more important part - the Red Ellipse.

First in the ellipse is the word HOME. Home is the Main index. I shall get back to talking about HOME after a few posts. Let us discuss the other parts first. Next in line is the Portal. Portal is the picture above. Portal is a place where (in my opinion) forums just get to show off their widgets and cool stuff that they have. In our case, our chatbox. Our forum portal is only known for its Chatbox, where usually, there may be as many as 8 ppl on it at once. Quite chaotic, but fun, nonetheless.

Next in line is the gallery. Gallery is where you can upload pictures of your own onto the forum. You can upload and store them in your folder here. Of course, Moderator permission is required for it, which I try to keep regular. So only when I "Approve" of a picture uploaded by a fellow member, does it get stored in the gallery.

FAQ is the short form for Frequently Asked Questions. This is a link where Forumotion has IN BRIEF tried to explain the usage of the forum. Since it is IN BRIEF, I am making this more IN DEPTH FAQ for you.

SEARCH comes next. This is just what the term means. It searches the forum for the word/phrase you have typed and gives you results.

MEMBERS is the memberlist. It will provide you with a list of the members on our Forum. You can adjust how you intend to view the list by clicking on the drop down menu in the top. You can sort them in Ascending or descening order of their Join Date, Last Visit, and so on.

GROUPS is the usergroup section, where you can view if you are part of a usergroup or not. Usually, you have to ask permission of the Usergroup head to join. In case of Administrator and Global Moderator, you can't ask, cuz those are special Usergroups. In Special usergroups only the BOSS can decide if he shd choose you or not.

Next is PROFILE - which enables you to view your profile, where you can attach signatures (sigs) or Avatars (Display Pictures). Profile will be discussed in detail in my next post.

After that comes MESSAGE. This is your inbox. Your forum email id, as I call it. It enables you to send PRIVATE messages to other members of the forum.

On/Off is a button which you click to be redirected to a page asking you to login or logout of the forum. For unregistered members, there is also a REGISTER button, which, if they click, enables them to sign up and register and become a member on our forum.
So, in my next post I shall talk about the PROFILE and MESSAGE sections. HOME shall be discussed in the post after that.

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2 Re: Forum Guide on Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:22 pm


And now, we come to:


As I mentioned earlier, we will talk about the PROFILE and MESSAGE tabs.

When you click on the MESSAGE tab, a page similar to the following should appear:-->

As you can see, I have obscured the names of the PMs and the senders except one. Naturally, since privacy should be maintained. Of course, since Omkar gives a damn for that (Mainly, because I know he wont mind me using his name) I have used his name.


Messages are Private Messages. These are messages that you can send to other members on the forum. These are messages that only you and the person you have sent the message to can view. Unlike on the forum, where everyone can view your posts, sometimes privacy is very much required in some discussions. For this privacy, the Private Messages are presented. So I hope you understood the reason for them.

So anyways. Now notice the circles. I shall elaborate one by one. The ellipse in the centre of the screen, (brown), shows you four words, Inbox, Outbox, Sentbox, Savebox. Very similar to your mobiles. Inbox is what you recieve; sentbox and outbox is what you've sent to other people. Savebox is a special box, where you can save messages you want. Sometimes some messages are special and you might want to save them in the savebox. So instead of letting them lie about in the clustered inbox, you can jsut transfer them to the savebox. It's similar to "Starred" mails in Gmail.

The black circle/ellipse in the left hand side bottom corner indicates your message titles. Like how you click on your mails to view them, you click on the title names to view these Private Messages (I shall label them as PMs now onwards - its shorter). When a new PM arrives, you are notifed and when you view this page then, the new PM will be higlighted or (depending on the forum skin/theme/looks) will somehow be different from the rest, hence segregating it from the other in terms of looks.

PMs will align themselves accroding to date or arrival. As you can observe on the right hand side bottom corner (Yellow cirlce/ellipse), under the NAME title, we have the PM sender's name written. Beside the name, is shown the date and time of arrival of the PM. Above this in the purple ellipse, the % of the inbox is shown. This indicates the amount of space you have left in the inbox.

Now coming to the blue circle in the left hand side again. This blue cirle enclosed the button "NEW MESSAGE". This button enables you to compose a new PM to be sent to another member. The following link will show you the page when you click this button:-->

The big white space in the middle (yellow ellipse/circle) is where you type your message (formally called "body" of the message).

The red circle above it is where you type the username of the peron you are sending the message to. Most of the times we just click the word PM below the member's post to directly PM him/her a Message, but I will show how it is done this way too. Most of the times we can't get a member's name right - they may have a few unknown caps letters or something or the other. That's why we have the little box next to it - FIND A USERNAME.

When that is click, a box appears on the top of the page. If we type a star in it (*) and then press enter, a drop down menu including all members' names will come. We can just select the name we want. Yoou may also notice a small PLUS sign there. Clicking this enables you to open another box to type another name you might want to send the same PM to. Below this box is another box enabling you to type the name of a Usergroup, if you want to send the message to an entire Usergroup. Below that is the SUBJECT. Here you enter the title for your PM. A small title encompassing the reason for your PM - a minimum of at least 5 figures.

Below the subject are icons helping you and enabling you to modify the way your PM might look - to make the font Bold, Italic, Underlined, of a different colour, of a different size, etc, etc. There is also a provision for smilies, in which case you have to just click on the appropriate smiley for the code to embed itself in your PM.

After drafting the message you should press SEND at the bottom of the page to send to PM to the person you intend to send it to. PREVIEW will enable you to glance at the same message you have typed in the very same manner the person you are sending the PM will view it.


As the above picture shows, this is the page which opens when you click on the PROFILE button. Well, at least part of the page. Anyways, this is the more impotant part of the page that needs to be viewed ofr you guys.

The black cirlce is where you change your details. Important details. Like Name, email id, password, etc, etc.

The red circle is the place in your profile which enables you to view through the different sections of your PROFILE.

The Information Section is all your personal information.

The Preferences section is where you can edit your default settings of your profile.

The Signature section is where you can edit the signature. YOUR signature. As the name implies, a signature is something at the end of your message. After every post, PM you make, at the end of your post/PM, your signature is shown. It may be a simple sentence, just words. Or it may be a picture. It could also be both, but the available space and size alloted to a member's signature (or SIG for short) is small, so big pictures wont fit. And I wont Allow big pictures either. I have no intention of opening a page where half of it is filled with someone's sig. So keep it small. I'll put up the proper legal (lol) size of the sigs later.

Shown above is the view of the Signature Section of your PROFILE. At the bottom of the page, you can see a white box. This is where you fill in the text or the IMG link to your picture. After filling in that, you click on the Send Button at the end of the page. (In the above picture, te button is not visible.)

Pictures is not a big deal. You can upload pictures on any pic hosting site like Photobucket, imageshack, servimg, etc, etc. There are countless free image hosting sites you can find. Once uploaded on any of them, you just have to view all the available links they provide you. One of them .
will be a direct link. You copy paste the direct link between the following two HTML commands: [img][/img].
If any problems are encountered, feel free to PM me, or ask about it in the "I have a question" thread.

The next section is the Avatar section. This anables you to edit your display picture to your choice. There isn't much to describe about a Display Piicture - almost everyone has used Yahoo Messenger, etc, etc.

The above picture shows the Avatar Section of the PROFILE. You can upload an avatar directly from the computer OR from another link. Depending from where you are bringin it (uploading from computer or linking), fill in the appropriate blank spaces with what they are asking. It seems that Forumotion also has its OWN Avatar Gallery where you can choose pics you want. You are free to roam through them and pick ones you might want. It's quite an extensive list (though personally, I don't recomend most of them - majority of them suck big time).

The other sections are just timepass sections which you can browse and learn by trying clicking on the links. They aren't of much impoprtance and I'm feeling lazy to type about them. But they are, however, self explanatory titles.

In my next post I will be talking about HOME. The biggest part as of yet.

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3 Re: Forum Guide on Mon Dec 21, 2009 2:14 pm


Well, Im having a bit of trouble getting time to write the third lesson. But I can assure you, that once you can get your hands comfy with the above two lessons, lesson three isnt really required. Cuz the above two lessons' understanding is enough to get you thru with the understanding of the rest of the un explained parts.

Nonetheless, once free from my exams, I will, assuredly, write lesson three - round about after two weeks' time. Smile

Edit: XD Too lazy Razz

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