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'Acquired Motives', 'Prayers' and 'Flashpoint'

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Uprising Member
Here are a few novels you might not have heard about but that doesn't mean they aren't worth a read. here are a few of my personal favorites:

Acquired Motives
by Sarah Lovett

Matt England, Santa Fe Police
Department, is out to catch a vigilante killer whose main targets are sex
offenders who get off on legal technicalities. It doesn’t help that his
girlfriend, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Slyvia Strange, often called in by the
defense attorney, testifies for the offenders. With her own patient Kevin Chase
as a suspect and her reportedly falling standards in determining future
offenders amongst her own patients, slowly and seductively, Slyvia is pulled
into the world of the vengeance seeking sadist. What does the killer’s Doctor
do next, to find out the man behind the mask and save the next victim,
presumably her own self?

This novel is what you could call a
psychotic thriller. With a number of characters whose brains are, in laymen’s
terms, wired differently, Lovett pulls off the suspense without creating
unnecessary confusions. A two faced officer Erin
Tulley, a Mexican firefighter who believes in witches and the visions of owl, a
full of secrets judge Nathaniel Howzer, a past history of the presumed killer
with pedophiles, this novel moves at a breakneck speed towards a very fitting
climax. A compelling story of obsession and madness. Go discover Dupont White.
A must read, if you can lay your hands on it!

for the Dead by Faye Kellerman

Some of you might be able to place
her as Jonathan Kellerman’s better but lesser known half. In what is widely
agreed to be her best work till date, Faye comes back with Peter Decker and
Rina Lazarus. The brutal murder of well known heart surgeon Dr. Azor Moses
Sparks in an alley behind a restaurant is greeted with public outrage. The
responsibility of finding the killer falls on the lap of homicide detective
Peter Decker. In finding the answers to the questions, he comes across an over
friendly lawyer, an outrageously gay Dr. Decameron, a jealous Dr. Berger, a
hidden passion of the Doctor with motorbikes and a family of six kids, all of
whom get a lump sum amount from their dad’s insurance policy. But what is most
unsettling are the ties between and the secrets shared by the eldest son, a
catholic priest in a protestant family, Abram Sparks and his wife, Rina Decker.
Things go murkier as Abram becomes the main suspect of the case and even as
Abram refuses to defend himself, Rina never leaves his side. A terrific climax
which is a sure shot page turner, this novel ends up on a very bittersweet

What is most amazing about this
novel is that though the detective investigations form a major part, this book
has another base- religion. Yes, catholic and protestant churches as well as
Jewish culture form an integral part of this story. In what is considered to be
oil and water in story telling, Faye blends them both beautifully, to create a
powerful, assured and absorbing story. A sin if you miss it.

by Lynn S. Hightower

Police Specialist Sonora Blair of
the Cincinnati Police Department is awakened at the early hours of the morning
with an urgent summon to take a deathbed statement. With nods and shakes, he
tells her one sure shot truth- his psycho killer is a woman. A woman who has a
penchant for tall guys with brown eyes and curly hair; who cuffs them to
steering wheels and douses them in gasoline and sets them afire; who does this
for sexual gratification. The murderer tries to lure Sonora by taunting and mocking into a woman
to woman complicity. She brings Sonora’s
hidden past to the fore and makes the case personal by killing a nagging
ex-boyfriend and her brother. Sonora
ends up finding her job, her family and her life in jeopardy. And it doesn’t
help that she falls in love with the guy who is all poised to be the next

Lynn pens a diabolically intriguing novel.
The twists and turns of the novel, the mental frame of the murderer, her
feminine insecurities, and her obsession with dolls- all make a gripping read. Sonora turns out to be
an amazing character, witty, tough and an outsider in the man’s world but a
definite woman. Lynn’s
prose is a quick read- fast paced and suspenseful. Got time? Check it out!

Daone edit: We here prefer a direct name instead of the substitutes, for convenience. And do not hesitate if you have to make separate thread for each of the topics. Cheers Very Happy

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Trying out new authors is something that I do as well.And most of the times I'm surprised by my findings...ever read Sarah Dessen?juvenile fiction writer but her novels are must-read if you ask me-simple stories but genuine emotions.Definitely one of my favorite authors ever...

So you're into crime thrillers eh?You might wanna read David Baldacci.My friend was suggesting his books to me.I haven't had the chance to read any though.Have to keep my mind occupied with operating system notes and microprocessor programs until the end of December(semester exams >_<).

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