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Tuxedo Gin

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1 Tuxedo Gin on Sun Oct 25, 2009 1:55 pm


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I bought this manga after reading a few volumes online…. It is just that frigging hilarious… I HAD to own it…. And also I couldn’t wait for people to scan up the remaining 10 volumes….. in any case… we have Ginji Kusanagi… a high schooler who is set to become a pro boxer…. he uses his boxing abilities to help take down bullies in his area as well thereby making many enemies…. Ginji has a good friend who one day decides to introduce Ginji to his cousin. Ginji instantly falls for her (literally)…. And unbeknownst to him… she falls for him too…. However the budding romance is tragically cut short by one of Ginji’s enemies…. Enraged at the defeat of his entire gang at Ginjis hands… he asks one of his friends to beat up Ginji…. and then… when Ginji was on his bike one night… happily looking forward to his date with XXXX another biker appears and tosses pachinko balls under his tires causing him to crash and die…

Ginjis spirit is just coming to terms with his death when a monk like spirit appears…. He says that Ginji was not supposed to die yet and thus he was creating a lot of problems for him… he offers Ginji the option to be reborn as an animal and live out its natural lifespan and then be reincarnated back into his own body….. Ginji mulls over this offer for some time and then makes his decision to be reborn as a Penguin…. Thus begins the story of Tuxedo Gin… will Gin ever be reunited with his love?? Will he be able to return to his own body??


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