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King Rant

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King Rant


I decided to write this whole thing in Notepad on Friday when I came home from college. It's all in present tense. Actually, come Sunday, I didn't feel like posting it here, but anyways...tell me how bad it is.

Aaaaaand, START-->
Today, was unique. Though for me, every day is unique - every day has it's own share of experiences which make it unique. And that's one reason I don't dislike my lifestyle or college.

I planned to get up at 6 and study till 8:30, after which I would take a bath and by 9:30, having gobbled my breakfast and Coffee (Ah~ Coffee~), I would take my leave and run for my train which comes at 9:40 am. Two reasons I like this 9:40 train. One because it is comparitively empty - because it stops at Vashi - which is two stops away from my train station. The one which comes at 9: 44 goes all the way to Panvel, meaning crowded. Very crowded. How crowded? Well, second class (or the normal class) fare for Bombay Local Train from Govandi (my initial destination) to Airoli (my final destination) is seven bucks. That's really cheap considering that by taxi it would cost nearly as much'll be equivilant to the term "burn a hole in my pocket". So, 7 bucks it is. First class is 94 Bucks to Airoli. Yeah. THAT expensive. And this is just one way. Two way ticket becomes 94x2= ... you do the calculations. [Hint - differentiate the answer five times and then use relativity to get the approximate answer, check by using Lagrange's Interpolation formula. If you still don't get it, just try multiplying the two numbers, that might do it >_>]

And second because, due to the less crowd in the train, I get to enjoy the sea a bit more easily. The Chembur-Vashi linking bridge joins two islands - Bombay and New Bombay; and crosses nearly 3 kilometers of water. Watching the sky meet the ocean at the horizon is a very pretty sight. It's the two minutes of going to college that I love from the bottom of my heart - travelling on a train, with the wind striking your face, watching the multitude of shades of blue of the sea and sky and the bright sun shining, with rays reflecting off the surface of the water, making the ripples in the water shimmer like gold so beautifully. And, not to forget, high tide every morning apmlifies the beauty. Of course, that's jut the start of the day, there's lots more to come to ruin the mood created by such wonderous sights of Nature. Man seems to ruin everything - in this case, "Women", because most of my teachers are women. Oddly the Sirs are tolerable, at the very least.

Today was even more special because I got to see the sea twice , and both at beautiful times. I'll come to that later though.

So I reach college at my usual 10:30am. I'll tell you that our timetable is retarded - HIGHLY RETARDED! We have Computer Programming (conveniently termed 'CP') in the first lecture, then Physics and then CP again - an hour lecture each. Then we have a break and so on. I sit down and after some time my Computer Programming teacher walks in with the Mid Term test questions. Well, lets skip the talk about the test. The more important thing about her was she came in LATE BY TEN MINUTES. THAT is a very important fact of matter. I'll come to the reason in a few lines. So she came ten minutes LATE. Meaning she needs to give us ten minutes extra. MEANS! Encroaching on Physics Period Territory. BING! So after 50 minutes are up, and officially the next period has started, she informs up that we have 10 minutes more, only. The door opens and the Physics sir peeps in, she infroms him that the test needs a few more minutes to get completed, he informs her that she can take the period. WICKED! For ten minutes he just gave up the whole period. After ten minutes, she takes our papers, and walks out. Unfortunately, she didn't convey her message properly to sir that HE should take the third period, the next one. Moral of the story - we got two FULL HOURS to ourselves. OH YEAH!~! Our college doesn't have a ground, so we go to the Public Lawn behind our college - which is huge and awesome! We buy a 30 buck ball and play, yeah, that is right, Catch catch. Two teams - four in each - and we throw the ball from one end to the other. Suffice to say that even though it seems a kid's game, when doing it with 100 meters in between the teams, things get a bit more than just tiring. But it's fun. No, honestly, it's real fun. We were throwing crazy and had some seriously hilarious incidents. It was almost like a picnic for 2 hours. What's better is that we had our 30 minute break after those two free lectures. So we actually had 2.5 hours off. So we even sat down and had our food with shade, grass and a gentle breeze for company, and not the noisy, rowdy, crack-pots from inside the college. Peaceful; and food tastes so much better when you are hungry and tired. Throwing the ball high and far makes your wrists hurt after some time, and here I am, at 8:20 pm typing this down, with my wrists paining...still. I remember that I couldn't lift my pen in the next lecture without having my wrist shaking vigorously. We had done the same thing last Friday - but not with the same amount of fun - that's why we have termed Friday as the "most tiring day of the week". Saying that it is the most fun day of the week makes it sound a bit too optimistic, better to make things seems bad when they are awesome in actual - makes less people envy you. XD

God has an odd way to neutralise everything. Just as the morning test and the look of college ruins the two minutes of beautiful sea gazing I do, my Basic Engineering Electronics (abbreviated as BEE) teacher ruined my fun of playing. I tell you, an Insomniac will doze of to sleep in fifteen minutes if you put him in our BEE lecture. Out of the eight of us walking back in class, four guys went and sat on the first bench (we have the sloping classrooms), and three of us sat on the last bench, in the corner. God knows where the last guy went. There were three girls on the bench in front of us. Well known for being the first to submit assignments. Our perpetual source of good internal marks. Kidding. They're nice and friendly, the only three with whom I can talk in English. Most of the other girls talk Marathi mostly - I REFUSE TO GET A COMPLEX JUST CUZ I DON'T SPEAK MARATHI! DAMN YOU GIRLS!!!...and some guys, too. Anyways, these three are like me, speak Hindi and English, can't speak Marathi, but barely understand it. So the six of us - three girls and three us guys chatted and joked and made the lecture a tad less "Insomniac Assaulting" (My first Intellectual PJ!!!). One of the Theory of Relativity's statements are that time flows differently for each person. I can appreciate that Law now. I derived another law from that regarding studies. It's odd how when you want the lecture to get over fast, you realise that the last time you looked at your watch, it was just five minutes ago. THAT'S Ace's First Law of Un-natural Studying.

Next lecture was Engineering Mechanics (Shortened to EM). One lecture I don't mind sitting for. The sir is nice and teahces, and I always answer all his answers. EM is fun for me. It comes sort of naturally to me - more of application and common sense - less of rote learning. And obeying Ace's Laws of Un-natural Studying, converse of the First Law states that when you don't mind the lecture to last a little longer, it will always end faster than expected.

Next lecture was Chemistry. She hates me. No, not 'dislike'. It's H-A-T-E. She just hates me for reasons unknown. Bunking? Yeah, right. As if the other 30 people in the class don't bunk along with me. Must be some Vendetta from a previous life. She gave me B+ on an extremely neat and well written assignments which deserved an A+. I wrote it with my heart and DESERVED an A+. There were five theory questions and five Numericals. I had all five numericals correct. I'm disregarding theory answers because anyone can get those correct with just opening the textbook. You'll be quick point out to me that it's the same with Numericals, right? Oh, sure, that's why 75% of the people in my class actually got 4 out of 5 numericals WRONG. The irony is that THEY got an A- (ITS STILL AN A, EVEN IF IT IS STILL A MINUS!!!), and that ME, who wrote dedicatedly everything, got a B+. She makes the Moderators at the Animax Forums seems less dumber. Somehow, I survived that lecture too. With English like hers, I'm surprised to be speaking proper English right now. I remember once, she got angry at me for bunking a Practical Period, because I had gone for a College Festival without informing her. Okay, Firstly, lady, you're not my mother, so you shouldn't really give a damn. Secondly, she tells me next week, "You should at least intimate me."...

I was like, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!" I should Intimate you? WTF? I'm sorry ma'am, but I have no intention of geting into an affair with you. (OF ALL PEOPLE!) Then she elaborates (more like, making sure she didn't convey the wrong meaning) and says that I should have at least informed her. INFORMED. Like she couldn't have used THAT word earlier. No, every time she sees me and smiles, I get the creeps. NO! I SWEAR I DIDN'T FORCE MY LOOKS ON HER! HOW COULD YOU EVEN THINK THAT! I don't have the looks, and choosing her for such an atrocious action would be like the last thing on my life's agenda. Wait, no, it's not even ON my list of life's agenda's left incomplete! Hell, the thought gives me nightmares.

After that was Workshop 5pm to 7pm. What is SUPPOSED TO BE physically exciting. Because you get to pick hammers and smash them on metal in Smithy, and take a file and file a metal piece (...duh) and use the welding torch and what not. We are divided into four groups of 18 students each. But today....he walks in and asks us to submit the write ups. Except for two girls, the rest of us were..."oh-kayyyyy. What write ups?"; and then he points to a 12 page write up which we had to write long ago. 12 page. That's small? Well, not if it's in font size 8. And filled with lots of tiny painful intricate diagrams. Irritating...

oUGH!(Random word with no meaning)

He left us in one hour. Which honourable teacher in their right (or misplaced, for that matter) minds will take a lecture till 7pm? Or beyond 6pm? Sheesh. Did I mention we have a highly retarded timetable?

And then came my second memorable time of the day. But lets go in sequence.

I leave college to catch the 6:03pm train. Usually empty, but today crowded. In 20 minutes I reach Vashi (my connecting train station between Airoli and Chembur), and as the train slid into the station, I knew something was wrong today. The platfrom (platform no. 1 at Vashi) which is empty when I get off the train at the same time every other day, today however, was lined with countless people ready to get onto the train I was standing on, at that moment. When the train halted, I ran as far from the incoming crowd as I could. Not sparing this anomaly a second glance, I crossed across to Platform No. 4 through the subways. That's where I catch my next train to Chembur from. It's not really as far as it looks from College to home. 10 Minutes to Vashi from Govandi, and then a beautiful ride to Airoli. Beautiful again, because along the tracks, the guys (I don't know which, maybe government) have grown trees and shrubs and what not greenery. Vashi to Airli is filled with greenery.

Getting back from my deviated sub-rant...

And I immediately got into my train. And as I crossed from Vashi to Chembur, today, sun had set, it was late. The trains seemed to have been running late too. And the oddest thing about today, was that the train halted ON the bridge. That's avoided usually, since trains should be kept moving on a bridge at all times. And with this rare (but odd) occasion I glanced out my window wo see the bluish grey tinge in the sky collapsing with the already set sun's orange afterglow (or whatever it is termed as) and hence producing another magnificent colour along the horizon. Though this really isn't anything compared to an early morning blue sky, bright sun and foggy horizon. Of course, you might not be able to feel the beauty of what I'm saying unless you see it for yourself. In a few seconds we started our onward journey. That's the end of the second and last memorable time of this Friday.

The next isn't so.

Aaaaaaaand. Now, fast forawrding through the tedious process of getting off the train and catching an Auto Rickshaw and making the boring journey back home along a one-third slum, one-third barren, one-third emo road (yes, I said 'emo' road, the world is changing), I come to the "enter the house" scene.

As I walked through into the living room, mom was watching the news. And what do I see? Well, technically, everywhere I have been saying Vashi to Airoli train. Actually, the train track is Vashi to Thane. Thane is one stop ahead of Airoli. Don't usually say "Vashi-Thane train" because I've never really been to Thane. Thane ALSO happens to be on the border on Bombay (it's not part of Bombay) such that ALL trains leaving Bombay, have to pass through it. Karjat, Ambernath, Dombivali, etc, etc. Thane also has another main train line attached to it. It's one of the bussiest train stations in Bombay (like Kurla). This other line I'm talking about is the "Central Line". The backbone of the city. A pipeline had burst. And due to the bursting, an old passenger bridge has broken. This bridge had fallen somewhere ahead of Thane, on a train. The News says that the Train Driver had foreseen the mishap that would have happened, and had instantly used the emergency breaks. Unfortunately, he had noticed this when he was approx. 500 meters away. Train moving at a high speed has a large amount of inertia. But due to his reflexes, only three people have died, where hundreds might have lost their lives. Few people are hospitalised for severe injuries, but injuries can be healed, death cannot. Out of those three, one was the driver himself - life is so unfair.

Or maybe, even that's just another relative term: Fair, or Unfair.


Are you wondering why this nutcase has used present tense for what happened on a Friday, when he posted this on a Sunday? Well, to shorten THAT part of the story, lets say that I crossed my 5 GB monthly download limit. Dad took the modem away. I come home, switch on computer, open Notepad, and type everything. You think I'll remember all this when I walk into the cyber cafe? And not to forget that will I have the time to think so much up then? Course not. That's why I saved it in a Text File, and copy pasted it on my pen drive. Here I am pasting this HUGE "King Rant". Hope you enjoyed reading, if you had time enough to read this wole damn thing, that is.

Gosh, even I'm tired. Need to recharge iPod.

P.S - The scenery and water and horizon look pretty; maybe I should take into consideration that I'm usually listening to Yui when I'm gazing out the window. Her voice is so cute and her songs are also cute.

P.P.S - Ultimately I didn't go to the cyber cafe, either. It's Sunday now, and I took my Dad's Tata Photon. XD It's giving me really good speeds.

-=THE END!=-

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