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I just HAD to put this over at the new animax forum.

Dammit. THIS is the reason I dislike social networking sites. When people jump onto your wall and start saying "Can we be Franz?" or "Can we be Fren?"....or a multitude of variations similar to these two.

I decided to scan through the full memberlist to look who all have joined and if anyone I knew has skipped my notice - I might as well give him/her a friend invitation. NOW THAT'S WHY YOU SEND FRIEND REQUESTS! Because you talked to the person, you liked talking to them, and you INTEND to talk to them further in the future. Or you wanna keep in touch. NOT so that you can go around flouting your big mouth saying "OH LOOK HOW MANY FRIENDS I HAVE!".

Anyways. I decided to grovel through the memberlist. What I didn't expect myself to be doing was saying Hi to members with either no friends or those who haven't posted anything as of yet. Five pages through the glancing and I was picking up random people and saying hi. Of course! I wasn't sending them friend Invites. O_O I DO NOT send random friend invites. I was just saying HI and telling them to introduce themselves in the intro thread. Now lets hope they know what that is. I saw quite a few oddities. A Romanian, Armenian, Spaniard, Egyptian. Didn't know we had an Expansion Pack out on the net. xD I don't expect all of you to get that joke. -_-'

Jeez. I'm doing such a nice thing making those inactive people comfortable enough to start posting. I have some 30 Tabs open and only on page 33. Out of 40. Oh well, Now I decided I'll make one speech for all of them, and PUT IN LINKS!. Just ASSUMING they DON'T know what an intro thread is. But I'm surprised that there aren't any sticky or announcements topics as of yet. I'll add in a special message for the Non Asians. I'll give them a lil heartier welcome. That way they'll call their friends and their friend's friend's and we are one step closer to world domination! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Kidding. ~_~

I'm tired of doing Assignments. That's why I'm doing this for you mods. I wonder if at the end of this, the mods will get up and say: "What Have You Done?! WHY? WHY? Why did you do this?!".

Dunno, just have a funny feeling the mods wont like me saying so many Hi's. But hey, its better than going around typing on people's walls: "Can we be franz?". Franz my ass. No offense, but if you're wanting to speak English, for god's sake and humanity's sake, DO IT RIGHT!

Don't know what else to say for over and out. Back to saying Hi's.

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