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One Outs

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1 One Outs on Wed Sep 09, 2009 8:45 am


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One of the most awesome manga/anime series out there.... I am into the 'gambler genre' now... I think it should definitely be a genre by itself given all the awesome manga and anime which have gambling/gamblers as their focus... One Outs, Gamble Fish, Liar Game, Kaiji, Akagi to name a few... and I am sure there are plenty more.... of these though... IMO... Kaiji comes out tops... but One Outs could take over that spot... Akagi is also awesome... but not as much... I guess its cause I dont really enjoy Mahjong... Liar Game is also great... but it only has a drama to its name and the manga is slowing down....even so its still definitely worth a read... better than all the Shoujo stuff flooding the market these days... Gamble Fish is one I picked up only recently.... its a bit gruesome right now... but it has potential... only problem is that it has potential to be either really awesome... or really crappy.... there seem to undertones of a harem developing... which would suck IMO... but then again I am barely 12 chapters in... Anyway... back to One Outs...

Tokichi Toua ia a young Japanese dude in Okinawa, who plays the a game called One Outs along with other Japanese and the American servicemen stationed there.. The object of the game is to either get the batter out (if youre the pitcher) or score a hit (if youre the batter). At the same time, a professional Japanese batter and a young prop pitcher are having a training camp in Okinawa. The pitcher injures his hand forcing them to look for a relief pitcher to help the batter (Kojima) train... they are led to the park where Tokichi is playing One Outs by a shady looking woman... they notice that all the others are betting on the match ups... The woman persuades them to place bets and they end up losing a fairly small sum... until they learn that their losses were in dollars not yen... (instant 100X loss...damn...).... the pitcher gets riled up and tries to challenge Tokichi to win the money back... however they only end up losing more... When Kojima hears of this game he is livid... people were gambling using the sacred sport of baseball? Unforgivable.... he rushes out to take down Tokichi... and thats how the two meet... what will happen when a pro batter takes on the undefeated Tokichi??

I think I am short 4 epis on this one... I believe I have seen up to 22... but really.... brilliant stuff... a breath of fresh air after Major and all of Adachis works... (Not that those are ad or anything... but this new take really is pretty refreshing....) easily 9/10....


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