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Irresponsible Captain Tylor

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1 Irresponsible Captain Tylor on Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:31 am


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I would wager that this is one of the funniest (if not THE funniest) 'space-based' anime ever made... of course given the premise, there is a bit of drama and action thrown in...

We have a young man who seems to have absolutely no motivation of any sort... who thinks that he will get an easy life if he joins the army. This man is Justy Ueki Tylor... the hero (?) of this story...

Somehow... Tylor manages to get into the army... and by a ridiculous set of coincidences (??). He manages to become the captain of a destroyer ('The Soyokaze'). Of course his superiors (Who were jealous) failed to mention that the Soyokaze was the most derelict warship in the fleet with a rag tag crew bent on mutiny...

Then we have a war with the 'Raalgon Empire'... an alien race who look pretty much human... (of course...)... The Soyokaze is entrusted with all sorts of dangerous and suicidal missions by the admirals, in an effort to get rid of Tylor...

With a crew that refuses to obey his orders and officers who dont respect him... what is Tylor to do?? Watch the series to find out....

The catch? YOU have to figure out whether Tylor is a genius of unparalleled proportions... or simply the luckiest human being EVER...


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