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Galaxy Express 999

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1 Galaxy Express 999 on Sun Jun 14, 2009 5:10 am


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Please do not tell me you have not heard of this series before... I might just try to stab you....

Now I dont wanna bootleg the description from anywhere and I dont have much time to describe the series... so bear with me...

Main characters are Tetsuro Hoshino and the beautiful Maetel... Story is set in the distant future where man had colonized the galaxy and was then subjugated by robots.... Tetsuro is a street urchin who wants to get a mechanical body to become strong enough to avenge his mother who was murdered by 'Human hunters' while they were on their way to look for jobs... The 'Human hunters' were led by one Count Mecha (obviously a robot) who dwells in the mysterious Time Castle...

To get the mechanical body, Tetsuro must board the Galaxy Express and travel to the Andromeda star system where the mechanical bodies are provided for free. However, the tickets for the Galaxy express are ridiculously expensive and also, the Express only comes to earth once a year (takes a long time to reach Andromeda as well)... basically he needs cash... so he steals a ticket from a robot and makes a break for it... 'Robo-Cops' catch him, but Maetel saves him and offers him a ticket in return for accompanying her to Andromeda as her guard... Tetsuro agrees... and so begins an epic journey across the galaxy with new adventures at every 'station' (the express stops at every planet).

Whew... I cant believe I just typed all of that... but yeah... you HAVE to watch the series... or at the very least... the movies... series hasnt been fully subbed yet from what I hear... but I saw the raws anyway... I bet I missed a lot of stuff... but I think I got the gist of it... I also hear that Live Evil is working on subbing the series.... *fingers crossed*


My bad... I have kinda merged the movie and series synopsis now that I look at it... all of what is up there is true for the movie... In the series however, Count Mecha does not play a big part in the series and... lets see... Tetsuro was being chased for actually having shot him... after that... well its the same... Maetel rescues him and takes him on board the express...

Oh yeah... and as a clarification... the robots who take over are actually 'ex-humans' who have mechanized themselves... not an alien species... nor AI....

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